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Purchase Guest Posts from real Spanish websites with traffic at unbeatable prices and increase the visibility of your online business.

Sites with traffic

We only offer you to buy guest posts on websites with organic traffic, these are not spammy PBNs.

SEO Copywriting

The writing of the guest posts is already included, plus a dofollow backlink to improve your SEO.

Natural Post

To avoid SEO risk patterns, your dofollow link will be accompanied by an internal and/or external link to authority sites.

What they say about us

To inspire your confidence, check our customers' ratings on ForoBeta (reputed Spanish forum), our origins.

Why buying guest posts with us:

As you can guess due to the main language of our website, we are a Spanish SEO agency focused on link building services. Since we used to work only for hispanic customers, we keep in touch with Spanish content webmasters, and that is why we can offer the most competitive rates for guest posting.

We strive to offer only real sites from real owners. With us, you will contribute to a perfect search engine ranking by having a quality link profile!


1. Filter through our list

Filter by topic or metrics in our list of Spanish websites and select the site(s) where you want to buy a guest post by looking at the ID number of each website (left column).

2. Fill in the order form

Once you have selected your websites, just fill out the order form indicating their ID numbers in the corresponding dropdown. Make the payment of your order and you are done.

3. Receive your published post

The webmaster will be contacted to publish your Spanish guest post article with your dofollow link, and once it is ready you will receive the URL of your post. Check it in case you need to make any changes, and that’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Like platforms that do not publicly display URLs when buying backlinks, we prefer to follow the guest posting practices of the best English-speaking SEO experience and keep the websites safe. Manually contacting and establishing relationships with the webmasters of these websites requires effort and we must protect them from receiving spam of any kind.

You will be able to see the URL of your Spanish guest post page once it has been published.

Sure! The most popular SEO metrics are visible in the websites table, such as DA (Domain Authority), DR (Domain Rating), RD (Referring Domains), and other more important metrics such as the monthly organic traffic.

All these metrics are provided by Ahrefs SEO tools, except DA (Domain Authority) which is provided by Moz. We update the metrics of the table every week.

If you need to know any other SEO metric of a website of your interest, contact us and we will try to provide it to you.

We will let you know if the website you chose was already linking to your site before. We will analyze all outbound links from the domain with the best tools to make sure of it. And if even after giving you the URL of your guest post, you show us that you already had a link on that website, we will offer you another alternative website of equivalent price and we will publish a new guest post with your backlink on it.

Your backlink will always appear in an article with a minimum of 500 words of related content in Spanish and from a real website with genuine organic traffic, and will be added by the webmaster himself.

Guest posting is one of the safest ways to do link building, as are curated links or niche edits. SEO experts usually consider them as white hat practices.

Just remember to maintain a balanced link profile to show a natural link profile to Google and avoid any risks. If your website is newly created, you can also create a pillow of foundational links first.

No. When we say that these websites are real, we mean that they do not belong to any private blog network (PBN) owned by us. Guest posts are published on websites managed by webmasters and bloggers outside our team. We are simply in contact with them.

If it were our PBN, it would be practically impossible to maintain so many websites with original content (many publish daily) and with real organic traffic, because we are a small team for so many tasks.

Some of these websites may display your post on the home page, or with a link from the front page to its corresponding section. Others may publish your guest post on an internal page that is not directly accessible from the home page.

Our average delivery time for orders is 5 days. Sometimes it may take less and sometimes more, but we set a 14-day deadline.

Your backlinks should remain permanently inserted. However, in case a webmaster decides to delete the link without consulting us first, we can guarantee that we will take care of its reinstatement if the link was deleted before the first year after it was inserted. We offer a maximum of 12 months guarantee.

This is because, even when it is agreed with the webmaster that the link must remain permanently inserted, no legal contract is actually signed and the webmaster can do whatever they want. On the other hand, we also cannot control the expiration of their website (either the domain or the hosting expires).

Of course, these things don’t usually happen. But in such a case, if the backlink is lost (for whatever reason) and cannot be recovered before 12 months after it was created, we will offer you another alternative website where to reinsert your link without any problem.

To bring naturalness and avoid that Google bots don’t give value to your backlink due to common practices that may give away the purchase of dofollow links, your guest post can contain other links. These links can be simply an internal link and/or an external link pointing to a high authority website (it will never belong to your direct competitors).

In general, adult-only content, drugs or pharmaceuticals, gambling, illegal/copied content, alcohol, tobacco, politics and religion will not be accepted. Also, they will not be accepted in general mix or in multi-niche category websites.

If any of our available websites do accept any of these special topics, it will be indicated in the table in the category column with its respective category.

We recommend buying guest posts on websites that work in the topic of your interest.

Please note that we only write content in Spanish. If you want the post to link to your website, which is in a language other than Spanish, it is preferable that you use a brand anchor text (or URL anchor text), since an exact keyword anchor text should maintain consistency with the text of the post.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.